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“Crystal House”, the Pleasure of Luminous Shopping.
Hazar prides itself upon its exclusive use of the finest crystals by Swarovski.
Hazar Haute Couture
I wouldn’t really know where to start since my relationship with Crystal House has been overwhelming !!! Crystal House has been an excellent provider through my years of work in the UAE, this professional bond that I share with them is based on a long term deal, an outstanding trust and most of all a nice friendship. “Designing” while having partners like Crystal House is what every designer needs. Efficiency is their description, quality is their shine, while their accuracy and client servicing is their strength !
Jeanine Haute Couture
"The Crystal House and Michael Cinco Haute Couture have developed a highly satisfying and mutually rewarding partnership for the past 9 years.  The relationship is a long one, built on style, elegance and eccentricity. We have continued doing business with them during the ups and downs of Dubai's economic structure. Michael Cinco Haute Couture is extremely pleased to recommend the Crystal House for its world class products and excellent services. We are looking ahead to another fruitful year with the dependable Crystal House”
Micheal Cinco
Thank you so much. I like your website and you guys are very active regarding your service. One of the best sites I have come across so far :) thanking you in anticipation. 
Sana Farooq
Throughout all these years, since I use to buy my needs from 3amo Fouad and till present, I have been always admiring the unique service and the care that this company offers! Our partnership is everlasting! …keep going to the best! Good luck always MY Crystal House ( Picture Attached) 
Sohad Acouri
Swarovski Recommended Dealer | Crystal House