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 New Campaign Reinforces Staying Power of E6000® and Amazing GOOP®

Advertising and marketing campaign positions products as choice adhesives.
Eugene, Ore., May 26, 2012 - Eclectic Products, Inc. has announced a new marketing and advertising campaign to position E6000 and Amazing GOOP adhesives as the choice brands for creating and repairing. With the start of this advertising campaign, Eclectic Products, Inc. has unveiled the latest tag lines and new packaging for both products.
As the proven choice for creating, the newest tag line for E6000 reminds consumers of the adhesive's versatility, as it: "Bonds everything so you can create anything.™"
Amazing GOOP’s latest tag line brings attention to its ability to: "Fix what other glues simply can't.™" The new campaign declares Amazing GOOP as the adhesive for real world, real life repairs.
The new packaging brands E6000 and Amazing GOOP as a family, stengthening the visual impact. Newly designed and attractive retail displays will capture attention and help increase sales.
“Our new campaign and new packaging will position our adhesives as the choice for creating and repairing,” said Theresa Waugh, VP Sales and Marketing. “Throughout this campaign, we will show consumers that E6000 is the ‘go-to’ glue for any project, and Amazing GOOP is the ‘must-have’ repair glue.”
The advertising and marketing campaign will run through October 2013 and will reach 33 million consumers monthly.
All E6000 and GOOP products are made in the USA.
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